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Storage Self-Storage Units: Benefits and Advantages

The lack of living space is a constant problem for many people. People may be unable to accommodate their growing families or downsizing into smaller properties. This is because people are inclined to acquire and store more possessions, which puts strain on living spaces. It is at this point that the self-storage units come in very handy.

Another reason people need storage space for their belongings is if they are renovating their houses and want to relocate their furniture out of their residence until it has been renovated. It is only natural that they would move into the nearest hotel to store their furniture.

The services provided by self-storage aren’t just for the individual. The facilities offered by these self-storage companies are beneficial to small and large businesses alike. Storage facilities offer businesses self-storage spaces for their equipment, excess inventories and other important items.


The customers can select the space that they want at all mini self storage units. The units come in different sizes. Choose the one which best suits your needs.

Prices for different sizes, types and shapes of units vary. Larger units cost more to rent than smaller units. In this way, you pay only for the storage space you actually need.

If you choose a normal storage unit, it will be either climate controlled or not. The majority of self storage centers offer units of both types. It is advantageous to lease climate-controlled storage because they maintain controlled humidity and temperature. This unit is ideal for storing furniture, artwork, electronic devices, musical instruments, antiques or heirlooms. Such units can be used by businesses to safely store records and important documents.

It is obvious that the self-storage unit rental will be higher for a unit with climate control than it would for an ordinary unit. You have the added benefit of protecting your valuables from dust, mildew, insect pests and weather.

Renting and Security Services

Many of the top self storage companies install state-ofthe-art surveillance systems. Either electronically controlled gate with keypad code or fingerprint biometric identification is used for accessing the storage facility.

All movements are recorded and monitored by video surveillance cameras. Security features include door alarms with extra secure locks, a fire and smoke detector and water sprinklers. Monthly self-storage fees are applied. Self-storage facilities can be rented for a short time, though many users use them to store their belongings for longer.